Help Save Stoffelina

Update: Stof is out of surgery.

Click here for the full story, the costs and funds received so far.

Stoffelina is a German Wired Hair Pointer.

She is the rescue dog of chef and owner Neil Swart. Stof has a long history that you can read here, but it comes down to this.

She was found in a township outside of George. Neil has always had pointers. Him and his wife Deanna immediately fell in love when they saw Stoffel. They adopted her right there and then.

She is a wonderful dog and anyone that meets her will tell you that she is something special.

Unfortunately she developed a cancerous growth in her colon that has to be surgically removed. Luckily the cancer has not spread yet so the doctors are happy to continue with the operation.

Stof has been on a medical aid since January, but they will not cover the cost of the surgery in the first 12 months.

To help cover the costs of the surgery we are hosting a special Food and wine evening where stof will make an appearance at Belly of the beast on Wednesday 16 September 2020 at 18:30

We are also selling special vouchers that will go 100% towards her surgery.

There is also an option just to send a few rand towards the bill.

We are aiming to raise R30 000 for the surgery and scans. All the figures will be made public after the surgery. Any additional funds will be donated to the German shorthaired pointer rescue group.

We're selling 24 seats at R1000 per person for the special Stoffel food and wine pairing on 16 September and a further 6 x R1000 vouchers that can be used in the next 12 months at Belly of the beast.

Stof took part in a charity drive and played model for some of the Woolworths dogfood and snack packaging. As payment they sponsored three months’ worth of food for a dog in a shelter.

Thank you for the support.