Drinks list

Soft Drinks
  • Coke, Coke Zero             R24
  • Appletizer                       R30
  • Grapetizer                      R30
  • 200ml Mixers                  R20
  • Cordials                          R10
  • Steel Works                    R40
  • Rock Shandy                   R45
  • Duchess Virgin G & T       R45
  • B & Q Hibiscus Tonic       R40
  • B & Q Marula Tonic          R40
  • Duchess Gin and Tonic     R60
  • Devils Peak zero to hero   R43
  • Still 750ml                       R45
  • Sparkling 750ml               R45


    Fitch and Leads Ginger ale,
    with fresh Orange and Orange rind
    and a stick of Cinnamon

    Barker and Quinn Marula tonic,
    Fresh Lemon and Tyme

    Barker and Quinn Hibiscus tonic,
    fresh Berries and Basil

    De-Alcoholised Wines

    Merlot                                       R88 gls/ 265 bottle

    Leopards Leap Natura White       R68 gls/ 205 bottle