PRE ORDER Belly For One


PRE ORDER Belly For One

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Bread course:

Wood fired bread rolls made with Kabous#2 (our starter dough)

Home smoked, farmed fresh water trout pate, homemade pickles and a chive and dill oil Chicken liver parfait with apricot compote and fresh dill

Local venison:

Gemsbok tataki with sesame ginger mayo, homemade ponzu, Togarashi, wasabi oil and rice crisps

Local fish:

Cured yellowfin tuna with sticky rice, Korean BBQ, avo and cucumber

Lowerland rietskaap:

Lamb from lowerland, green bean mash, pumpkin tart with honey juniper and truffle butter


Peanut butter bar with pretzel ice cream and peanut butter and golden syrup sauce


Menu subject to change without notice